High-speed connectivity, everywhere – on land and at sea. By working together, AST and OneWeb will provide fast, flexible, next-generation connectivity solutions.

What is OneWeb?

OneWeb’s innovative LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation provides ground-breaking fibre-like connectivity partnering together with AST’s experience and knowledge. The satellite constellation is a planned initial 648-satellite constellation that will be completed in 2022.

By providing high-speed, low-latency connectivity, OneWeb’s digital solutions will improve communities and economies everywhere. Unlike other satellite networks, OneWeb provides 4G-like connectivity and terrestrial fibre services.

With global coverage, users will be able to access seamless connectivity in even the most remote locations on land and at sea.

OneWeb key benefits are:

• Simple to use
• Flexible to our customers’ needs
• Responsible on earth and in space
• Engineered to deliver high speeds and low latency always

How OneWeb’s system works

Fast, secure and reliable global connectivity from the user terminal to satellites, to ground station – built with trusted partners across the globe.

Access fibre-like connectivity at sea

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