OneWeb and AST believe that fibre-like connectivity should be available regardless of location or environmental circumstances, allowing any remote land operation to become more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Our Fiber-like connectivity solutions are enabling land operations to undergo a digital transformation. Our global accessible network helps cut through existing hurdles to optimising corporate operations at lower costs, whether it’s large data transfer during an exploration phase or real-time data transfer and exchange, supporting fast decision making to customers on land.


With widespread digitalisation for monitoring and managing distant operations, AST and OneWeb high-throughout fibre-like services provide a dependable solution where high-speed connectivity cannot easily reach in an increasingly complex and dynamic sector.


AST and OneWeb’s solutions provide high throughput, low latency solutions that improve access to real-time performance data by providing both the mining and resource industry with fast, flexible and secure connectivity as a standardised service. 

NGO & Humanitarian

Our reliable high-speed connectivity everywhere offers vital and effective delivery of aid where communications are poor or non-existent due to conflict or natural disaster.

Designed to meet the challenges of the present, our critical security facilities safeguard workers safety while operating in distant and dangerous locations around the world, including reliable low-latency communications.


With over 30 years of extensive experience working in the government and security sectors. Reliable, flexible, and scalable connectivity is critical for all government applications, regardless of location.

Our solutions can support a wide range of task sets, from intelligence gathering and direct action to humanitarian aid/disaster relief (HADR) and search and rescue (SAR).

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