AST and OneWeb have a shared maritime belief that connectivity at sea should be as seamless and simple as it is onshore.

As OneWeb’s first and most experienced maritime partner, AST will offer maritime customers access to OneWeb’s fast, flexible and affordable connectivity solutions seamlessly in even the most remote locations at sea. OneWeb’s new satellite constellation and next-generation connectivity aligned with AST’s INTEGRA network services will enable faster and better communications for the maritime industry. 

The open ocean is a tough work environment, presenting challenges to communications that are vital to those that work in the maritime industry. We understand that it is essential for maritime vessels and personnel to stay in touch at all times. Never before has the industry been under such intense pressure to become more competitive, reduce emissions, cut costs, and prevent cybercrime. However, with these challenges comes a greater opportunity to define a new industry outlook. 

In response to these challenges, AST and OneWeb’s solutions provide high throughput, low latency solutions that improve access to real-time performance data by providing users with fast, flexible, secure connectivity as a standardised service. 

The OneWeb difference

High speed satellite communication

High speed – always

Maritime connectivity comparable to 4G and terrestrial fibre services.

Low latency

Low latency

The ability to unlock high demand applications.



Low cost hardware.

Merchant shipping

For the commercial maritime industry, OneWeb’s fibre-like connectivity enables ships to function as highly efficient offices. Maritime workers can stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with OneWeb and AST’s wide product and solution portfolio. Our dependable global service is also the first in the Arctic with exceptional capacity. 


From FPSOs and OSVs to rigs in shallow and deep waters, OneWeb’s satellite communications and AST’s complimentary products and services are ideally suited for offshore operators looking for greater operational resilience and maximizing production at lower costs in a highly complex industry.  

Commercial Fishing

Fishing fleet owners will always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and safety by accessing weather information and being able to privately contact other vessels in their fleet.  

OneWeb and AST’s fibre-like connectivity solutions will provide superior connectivity to both fishing fleets and individual vessels, which is currently only available to larger vessels.  

Commercial Fishing

Leisure & Yachting

Owners and passengers digital expectations require that they stay connected 24/7 to make calls, watch Netflix, access the internet, and send texts and emails from any location and in any weather.  

OneWeb and AST’s global satellite communications service for the leisure sector offers high-speed and high-quality connectivity.  


Super Yacht

As more people move their offices onboard and enjoy greater flexibility with seasonal sailing to explore different routes, reliable and secure high-speed internet has become an important selling point.  

OneWeb and AST can provide owners with the benefit of plans on demand, connectivity options based on usage, and the ability to eliminate fixed and unexpected costs. 

Super Yacht

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