As you know, we are proudly sponsoring the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition that commemorates the iconic explorer and leader, Sir Ernest Shackleton, in the centenary year of his final expedition to the Antarctic.

To celebrate our sponsorship, AST will fund five Polar Fun Days to AST staff’s schools. Polar Day Fun has proved to be a fantastic way to inspire young people with expressing an interest in working in science or with the environment as a career choice.

Meet Antony Jinman – founder of ETE, Polar Fun Day

Antony Jinman, a renowned polar adventurer from Antarctic Quest 21, most widely recognised for being the twelfth Britain to have skied to the Geographic North Pole and to have skied solo to the Geographic South Pole launched Education Through Expeditions (ETE) in 2010. The idea was to connect explorers and schools to inspire young people and ensure students gained a true understanding and appreciation of different worldwide environments. ETE works closely with educational establishments from primary through to university level, to raise ambition and aspiration in children and young people.

Polar Fun Day for AST staff schoolsBreaking down the four walls of the classroom

  1. All you need to know

Through ETE’s Polar Fun Days schools are able to invite a Polar ambassador into the classroom to tell stories of their expeditions and the environments they have travelled through. With options ranging from assemblies to full activity days, Polar Fun Days teach children about the environment, animals and people of the Polar Regions, the causes and impacts of climate change, and inspire young people to follow their own dreams in life.

ETE has now worked with over 900 schools sending Polar Ambassadors into the classrooms. Through their personal experiences, ETE is able to bring to life the Polar topics and have a range of activities to complement the discussions and educate children of all ages about the Polar regions.

Breakdown of Polar Fun Day Activities:

  • Blubber Gloves – their most popular activity
  • Expedition Planning – a very popular team exercise
  • Gloopy Glaciers – another of our extremely popular activities, suitable for many different ages
  • Inuit Printing – a creative exercise where children create their own prints in the styles of the Inuit people
  • Look at Polar Kit – we can bring a wide variety of polar survival gear with which to demonstrate and then invite the children to dress up.
  • Polar Bear Masks – a creative activity where younger children glue cotton wool balls to a paper plate to learn about a Polar Bear’s fur.
  • Pole to Pole – children will learn about the difference between the North and South Pole regions: animals, geography, people etc.

*All activities can be adjusted to suit various ages and group sizes.

2. What do you need to do?

Schools in the UK:

Schools simply need to email Anjuli at and mention that AST will be sponsoring a Polar Fun Day for the school. Anjuli will then get back to you with all you need to know for the day.

School outside the UK:

ETE reaches schools across the globe by offering remote Polar Fun Days. The ETE team will operate the days as normal, demonstrating the activities via video link and being with the class for the whole time to talk and answer questions from the students.

To access the digital outreach, the school has to register on the LikeToBe platform

ETE will be updating the timeline every day with updates on the expedition, facts about extreme climates and the wildlife and including riveting stories of previous Polar Explorers.

Any questions, please email Anjuli at and CC in