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AST – OneWeb’s first and most experienced maritime partner

AST have over 30 years of experience in delivering satellite communications  solutions to both maritime and land-based sectors. We are now seen as one of the most trusted and innovative providers of end to end remote connectivity solutions.

Our team of connectivity experts, network specialists and installation engineers are located all around the world in our offices in the UK, Americas, Singapore and Australia .   With digitalisation and decarbonisation shaping many industries, we understand the needs of, Operations Managers, IT Managers, fleet owners and operators and the challenges of connectivity. We work with you to design and deliver the right solution for your business now and for the future.

Our global coverage and leading smart solutions now including OneWeb services provide thousands of sea-going ships and remote operations, with resilient, powerful connectivity when they need it most. Through our enabling services and digital solutions our customers can optimise their operations, make informed decisions quicker and reduce their costs.

These include;

  • INTEGRA Control, our bandwidth management solution
  • IRIS our remote monitoring and asset tracking
  • iRAMS, our data management and monitoring platform

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About The AST Group: A Journey of Innovation